Download THE MANUAL OF BALOCHISTAN SECRETARIAT INSTRUCTIONS, 2013 — They shall come into force at once and shall supersede all previous instructions and orders relating to office procedures not consistent with the provisions of these Instructions. If there be any inconsistency between these instructions, on the one hand, and the rules of business or other statutory provisions on the other, the latter shall prevail. Case means a particular matter under consideration and includes all papers relating to it and required to enable the matter to be disposed of, viz. correspondence and notes and also, any previous papers on the subject or subjects covered by it or connected with it. Docket Sheet means documents placed immediately below the upper cover of the file, containing particulars to indicate the progress of the case during its currency, and its classification and period of retention after it has been finally disposed of. The Secretariat shall consist of the Departments as specified in Section A of the Schedule I appended to the Balochistan Government Rules of Business, 2012 and the distribution of business amongst the Departments shall be as indicated in Section B of the said Schedule I