FUNDAMENTALS OF PUBLIC FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT (A TRAINING HANDBOOK FOR OFFICIALS OF GOVERNMENT OF SINDH) — The purpose of this Handbook is to provide a comprehensive source for Public Finance Management (PFM) literature to PFM practitioners in Pakistan. The Handbook provides a simplified description of PFM processes, procedures, rules and regulations including practices followed, in specific context of Provincial Government of Sindh. The Handbook presents a brief overview of all aspects of the PFM processes prevailing in the Government of Sindh with specific focus on the laws, rules and procedures of Sindh Government. References for further readings are also provided, where required, at the end of each chapter to encourage the readers/users of the Handbook to seek detailed knowledge of the relevant topic from multiple sources.

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BUDGET CALL CIRCULAR 2020-21 FOR SUBMISSION OF REVISED ESTIMATES 2019-20, BUDGET ESTIMATES 2020-21, ADP 2020-21 AND MEDIUM TERM BUDGETARY FRAMEWORK 2020-21 TO 2022-23 — The time-schedule prescribed in the Budget Calendar and the prescribed forms should be followed strictly. Timelines & Forms are prescribed for Receipts, Expenditure (Non-Development & Development) and MTBF. The detailed timelines for Administrative Departments (both Regular and Pilot MTBF departments) and other stakeholders are reflected in Annexure B – Budget Calendar. Forms are presented in Annexure C.

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TERMS OF REFERENCE FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES (SOPS) OF FINANCE DEPARTMENT — Finance Department of Government of Sindh has aimed to further strengthen its internal control systems and working processes through development of Standard Operating Procedures – SOPs of its respective wings and units, which would enhance their efficiencies, reduce bottlenecks and turnaround time for better service deliveries to the province. Since the Finance Department (FD) is the custodian of Provincial Exchequer and responsible for the supervision and control of Provincial Finances, preparation of Provincial Budgets, formulation and interpretation of various Rules, management of public funds, management of provincial public debt, banking, coordination of National and Provincial Finance Commissions, administration of Local Fund Audit, Directorate of Accounts and Treasuries etc. The overall objective of the assignment is to develop SOPs of the existing Wings and Units of FD of Government of Sindh, which would standardize operations and enhance performance of the management.

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THE SINDH FINANCE ACT, 2019 — It shall come into force on and from 1st day of July, 2019. The term actual value means the value recorded in the document. The stamp duty rate shall be 1% for the determination of floating rate. Provided that the floating rate shall only be applicable if actual value is higher than the value determined in the Valuation Table. The Capital Value Tax for all properties to be transferred to and from Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) shall be charged at the rate of one and half percent of the value in the valuation table or at the floating rate charged on the actual value. The Registration Fee for all properties to be transferred to and from Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) shall be charged at the rate of 0.5% of the value in the valuation table or at the floating rate charged on the actual value.

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THE SINDH DELEGATION OF FINANCIAL POWERS AND FINANCIAL CONTROL RULES – 2019 — These rules shall apply to all Provincial Government Departments and offices of Government of Sindh. They shall come into force at once. “First Schedule”, “Second Schedule” and “Third Schedule” mean, the First, the Second and Third Schedules appended to these rules, respectively. “Financial Control” means the public financial management as described in the Third Schedule. “Financial sanction” means sanction of expenditure for the purposes specified in column 2 of the Second Schedule of these rules by the authorities mentioned in column 3 and to the extent specified in column 4 thereof. In other cases, where financial sanction is beyond the powers of sanctioning authorities or where it is not delegated to any authority “Financial Sanction” means sanction of expenditure accorded by Administrative Department after concurrence by the Finance Department.

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THE SINDH LOCAL COUNCILS (AUCTIONING OF COLLECTION RIGHTS) RULES, 2016 — They shall come into force at once. For the contract of awarding of collection rights of an income, a public notice for conduct of an auction, in not less than three widely circulated newspapers in Urdu, Sindh and English languages shall be published by the Local Council, at least fifteen days before the date of contract. The contract of collection rights of an income of a Local Council shall be awarded to a highest bidder through an open bid by adopting the procedure of auction as laid down in Chapter-II.

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THE SINDH PUBLIC PROPERTY (REMOVAL OF ENCROACHMENT) ACT, 2010 — It shall come into force at once and shall be deemed to have taken effect on and from 8th September, 2010. Encroachment means unauthorized occupation of or undue interference with Public Property. Public Property means a building, land, place or premises cesting, in or under the management or control of Government, Local Council, Autonomous Body or registered cooperative society or such other authority.

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THE SINDH LOCAL COUNCIL (CONTRACT) RULES, 2016 — Contract means an agreement enforceable by law. Contractor means a person, firm, company or organization which undertakes to execute works including services related thereto, other than consulting services incidental to or required for the contract with the council. Where a contract is not performed according to its terms and conditions, the Authority shall take such action as may be necessary to invoke the penalty clause of the contract and to safeguard the interest of the Council.

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THE SINDH LOCAL COUNCIL SERVANTS (MEDICAL ATTENDANT) RULES, 2017 — They shall come into force at once. These shall apply to all servants of the Councils, Members of the Sindh Councils Unified Grades Service and Employees of the Sindh Local Government Board. Family means parents, spouse, legitimate children and step children of servant’s parents, sisters and minor brothers residing with and wholly dependent upon him or her. Where the wife of the servant is also an employee, the husband shall be entitled to claim any benefit admissible to him under these rules in respect of the wife if she does not claim the benefit in her own right as the employee.

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