THE SINDH LOCAL COUNCILS (AUCTIONING OF COLLECTION RIGHTS) RULES, 2016 — They shall come into force at once. For the contract of awarding of collection rights of an income, a public notice for conduct of an auction, in not less than three widely circulated newspapers in Urdu, Sindh and English languages shall be published by the Local Council, at least fifteen days before the date of contract. The contract of collection rights of an income of a Local Council shall be awarded to a highest bidder through an open bid by adopting the procedure of auction as laid down in Chapter-II.

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THE SINDH PUBLIC PROPERTY (REMOVAL OF ENCROACHMENT) ACT, 2010 — It shall come into force at once and shall be deemed to have taken effect on and from 8th September, 2010. Encroachment means unauthorized occupation of or undue interference with Public Property. Public Property means a building, land, place or premises cesting, in or under the management or control of Government, Local Council, Autonomous Body or registered cooperative society or such other authority.

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BUDGET CALL CIRCULAR 2019-20 FOR SUBMISSION OF REVISED ESTIMATES 2018-19, BUDGET ESTIMATES 2019-20, ADP 2019-20 AND MEDIUM TERM BUDGETARY FRAMEWORK 2019-20 TO 2021-22 (GOVERNMENT OF THE SINDH) — This Budget Call Circular has integrated the formulation of the Recurrent (non-development) & Development budget and it is being issued in consultation with Planning & Development Department. Accordingly two additional forms have been incorporated in the circular for the formulation of development budget. The Planning & Development Department will have the lead role in development budget formulation, whereas, the Finance department will be formulating the non-development Budget, Receipts and MTBF. All Administrative Departments are required to submit budgetary proposals on prescribed forms which will be scrutinised by Finance Department and Planning & Development Department in detail, as per prevailing practice.

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THE SINDH LOCAL COUNCIL (CONTRACT) RULES, 2016 — Contract means an agreement enforceable by law. Contractor means a person, firm, company or organization which undertakes to execute works including services related thereto, other than consulting services incidental to or required for the contract with the council. Where a contract is not performed according to its terms and conditions, the Authority shall take such action as may be necessary to invoke the penalty clause of the contract and to safeguard the interest of the Council.

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COMPARATIVE FINANCIAL STUDY OF GREATER LONDON AUTHORITY (GLA) AND CITY DISTRICT GOVERNMENT KARACHI (CDGK) – Studying local government system has always been an enthralling experience. There cannot be denying the fact that local government is supposed to be close to the hearts of the citizens. Much of the problems of common men are attached to the efficient and avid performance of local governments. The pace of legal reforms, the distribution of powers, accountability progression and constant and untiring fiscal innovations and vigilance in English local government system have all contributed in creating the same impression. Since London is capital of U.K and commercial capital of the world, it has always faced criticism and usurpation of powers by the central government. Local Government Act 1899 is said to have aimed at reducing the powers of London County Council (LCC) as it strengthened the powers of boroughs. The same thing has happened with Karachi as being the provincial and commercial capital, all political forces whether at central or provincial levels, have been trying to usurp the functions and powers of Karachi Local Government system.

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THE SINDH CIVIL SERVANTS (APPOINTMENT, PROMOTION AND TRANSFER) RULES, 1974 –– The method of appointment and the qualification and other conditions applicable to a post shall be as laid down by the Department concerned in consultation with the services and General Administration Department. Appointments by promotion or Transfer to posts in BS-01 & BS-02 shall be made by the Appointing Authority on merit. Appointments by promotion or Transfer to posts in BS-03 to BS-18 without special pay other than the posts for which Provincial Selection Board has been constituted under Rule 6-A, shall be made on the recommendations of the appropriate Departmental Promotion Committee. Appointments by promotion or Transfer to posts in BS-18 special pay and above and the posts notified under Rule 6-A, shall be made on the recommendations of the appropriate Provincial Selection Board.

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THE SINDH CIVIL SERVANTS (PROBATION, CONFIRMATION AND SENIORITY) RULES, 1975 – A person appointed to a post by initial recruitment shall be on probation for two years and a person appointed otherwise may, if the Appointing Authority so directs, be on probation for one year. Confirmation of a civil servant shall be made in the order to seniority in a permanent post to which no other civil servant holds any lien. In each cadre in a department, there shall be a separate seniority list of a group of civil servants doing similar duties and performing similar functions and for whose appointment, same qualifications and experience have been laid down.

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THE REMOVAL FROM SERVICE (SPECIAL POWERS) SINDH ORDINANCE, 2000 – It shall apply to persons in Government service and corporation service. Misconduct includes conduct prejudicial to good order or service discipline or conduct unbecoming of an officer and a gentleman or involvement or participation for gain either directly or indirectly in industry, trade or speculative transactions or abuse or misuse of the official position to gain undue advantage or assumption of financial or other obligations to private institutions or persons as may cause embarrassment in the performance of official duties or functions. A person against whom action is proposed to be taken under may be placed under suspension with immediate effect if, in the opinion of the competent authority, suspension is necessary or expedient.

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PENSION PRIVATIZATION IN PAKISTAN (GOVERNMENT OF SINDH) — The main objective of this article, therefore, is to examine Sindh Government’s pension system as a test case. The study will examine the Sindh Pension Fund (SPF) created by the Provincial Government in order to off load its rising pension dues. This analysis will discuss fund’s capacity to meet the pension liabilities and usher some strategy in the pension reforms, which will, on one hand, alleviate Province’s worries of internal debt owing to these liabilities, and, on the other hand, provide pensioners with some innovative and profitable rate of return on their pensions through Private Sector Investment Modalities. Sindh Government established Sindh Pension Fund (SPF) in the year 2002. The proposed pension system is flexible in terms of contribution, asset allocation choice and above all portability. Upon retirement, the pensioners would be able to use his / her pension assets to buy annuities from life insurance companies and thereby obtain a monthly pension.

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