The rules framed by the Federal Government and Provincial Governments in English are posted here.

West Pakistan Buildings & Roads, Department Code WITH APPENDICES (Applicable to the departments of Buildings, Road, Irrigation Communication Central Public Works, Posts and Telegraphs in the Provinces of Punjab, Sindh, N.W.F.P. & Baluchistan Up-to-date Amendments REVISED EDITION 1994 — The Administration of Buildings and Roads department covers the entire West Pakistan as per map forming the front-is-piece of this Code which shows its various Regions. The immediate control of operation is in the hands of the Governor of West Pakistan and this authority (hereinafter called the West Pakistan government or Governments) exercises full financial control over the affairs of the department. The Chief Engineer is the head of the department in his charge and is responsible for the efficient working of his department. He is also the responsible professional adviser of Government in all matters relating to his charge or on which his advice may be desired. He is also required to bring clearly and faithfully before Government all subjects reserved for its decision for that of the Central Government.

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THE SACKED EMPLOYEES (RE-INSTATEMENT) ACT, 2010 — It extends to the whole of Pakistan. It shall come into force at once. Sacked employee means a person who was appointed as a regular or adhoc employee on contract basis or otherwise in service of employer, during the period from the 1st day of November, 1993 to the 30TH day of November, 1996 (both days inclusive) and was dismissed, removed or terminated from service or whose contract period was expired or who was given forced golden hand shake during the period from the 1st day of November, 1996 to the 12th day of October, 1999 (both days inclusive).

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THE NORTH-WEST FRONTIER PROVINCE GOVERNMENT RULES OF BUSINESS, 1985 — They shall come into force at once. Business means all work done by Government. Case means a particular matter under consideration and includes all papers relating to it and required to enable the matter to be disposed of, viz: correspondence and notes and also any previous papers on the subject or subjects covered by it or connected with it. Department means a self-contained administrative unit in the Secretariat responsible for the conduct of business of Government in a distinct and specified sphere, and declared as such by the Government. The business of Government shall be distributed amongst several Departments in the manner indicated in Schedule-II. The Secretary shall be the official head of the Department and shall be responsible for its efficient administration and discipline, and for the proper conduct of business allocated to the Department under rule 3.

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THE CIVIL SERVANTS (SENIORITY) RULES, 1993 — They shall come into force at once. Persons initially appointed on the recommendations of the selection authority through an earlier open advertisement shall rank senior to those appointed through a subsequent open advertisement. If two or more persons are recommended in open advertisement by the selection authority their inter se seniority shall be determined in order of merit assigned by the selection authority. Seniority in a service, cadre or post to which a civil servant is promoted shall take effect from the date of regular promotion to that service, cadre or post. Seniority in a service, cadre or post to which a civil servant is appointed by transfer shall take effect from the date of regular appointment to the service, cadre or post.

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THE PUNJAB BOARDS OF INTERMEDIATE AND SECONDARY EDUCATION ACT, 1976 — It shall come into force on such date as may be notified by Government in the official Gazette. Board means a Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education constituted or reconstituted under Section 3. Regulations and Rules means respectively the regulations and rules made or deemed to have been made under this Act. Government may establish one or more Boards in respect of such institutions or such areas as it may deem necessary. A Board shall be a body corporate and shall have perpetual succession and a common seal with power to acquire, hold and transfer property and may sue or be sued by its corporate name. A Board shall exercise its powers in respect of such institutions and within such area as may be determined by the Government from time to time.

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THE PUNJAB ALTERNATE DISPUTE RESOLUTION ACT, 2019 — It shall extend to whole of the Punjab. It shall come into force on such date as the Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, appoint and different dates may be so appointed for different areas of the Punjab. Act means the Punjab Alternate Dispute Resolution Act 2019. Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) means a process in which parties’ resort to resolving a dispute, other than through adjudication by courts, and includes, but is not limited to, mediation, conciliation and evaluation. Court means a criminal court or a civil court having original jurisdiction under any law for the time being in force.

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