The rules framed by the Federal Government and Provincial Governments in English are posted here.

COMPILATION OF GENERAL ORDERS RELATING TO ALLOWANCES (OTHER THAN TRAVELLING ALLOWANCE) OF FEDERAL GOVERNMENT — This Compilation incorporates all important General Orders relating to Allowances other than Travelling Allowance. Compilation of General Orders Relating to Allowances (Other than Travelling Allowance) was last prepared in July, 2002. Since then a number of orders have either been deleted, amended, updated or replaced by the Government, necessitating its revision. The clarifications and amendments, issued from time to time since 2002, have been incorporated. While latest orders have also been placed in the new edition.

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[NAME OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT] (PARKING) BYE – LAWS, 2018 — These bye-laws shall extend to the local area of [Name of Local Government]. These bye–laws shall come into force from the date these are published in the official Gazette. Parking Place / Area means an area notified by the Local Government for parking. Parking Equipment means all such equipment which are necessary to regulate parking system including parking infrastructure. Parking Fee means the fee, including fixed or hourly as notified by the [Name of Local Government] for its own parking places / areas and private parking spaces / areas in the plazas, shopping mall and commercial centers. Vehicle means and includes motor cycle, Rickshaw, motor car / jeep and light transport vehicle which is used for carrying goods or used for transportation of passengers within the local area. No person shall establish any parking stand/area and charge parking fee, on any property or on any open space and public park or land vested in or managed, maintained or controlled by a local government on or under a street, road, graveyard or a drain without the sanction of the Local Government.

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THE PUNJAB MINIMUM WAGES ACT, 2019 — It shall extend to whole of the Punjab. It shall apply to all industrial and commercial establishments in the Punjab. It shall come into force at once. Employer means a person owing or having charge of the business of an industrial or commercial establishment and includes an agent or manager or any other person acting on behalf of such person in the general management or control of such establishment. Industry means any business, trade, manufacturing, calling, service, employment or occupation of producing goods or services for sale. An establishment or a person, who directly or indirectly, employs workers in connection with any construction work or industry and road transport service. Minimum wages” means rates of wages notified under the Act.

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THE PUNJAB DEMARCATION, CLASSIFICATION AND NAMING OF LOCAL AREAS RULES, 2019 — They shall come into force at once. The words and expressions used but not defined in the rules shall have the same meanings as are assigned to it in the Act. For the purpose of the rules, every Commissioner shall be the Demarcation Authority for all Local Areas in the respective Division. The Demarcation Authority, inter alia, shall hear and decide all suggestions and objections against the initial proposal under Rule 10. Subject to the provisions of the Act and any regulation or standing instruction on the subject, the Demarcation Officer shall prepare a proposal, to be called the initial proposal, for division of all areas comprising the District, except the areas excluded under sub-section (2) of Section 1 of the Act, into Urban and Rural Local Areas in accordance with Rule 20.

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THE PUNJAB MEDICAL TEACHING INSTITUTIONS REFORMS ACT, 2019 — It extends to the whole of the Punjab. It shall apply to such Medical Teaching Institutions as may be notified under this Act. It shall come into force at once. Basic Science Faculty means all Medical Faculty not involved in patient care. Clinical Faculty means a Medical Faculty involved in any manner with clinical care of patients, whether diagnostic or therapeutic. Commission means the Punjab Healthcare Commission established under the Punjab Healthcare Commission Act 2010 (XVI of 2010). Consultant means and includes a person qualified to provide the highest level of medical and health care, and recruited or appointed as such. Healthcare Services means preventive, curative, promotive, rehabilitative health services and includes diagnostic, support services, laboratory, accident and emergency, pharmacy and paramedic support. Medical Teaching Institution means a Medical College, a Dental College, or other health related teaching institutions and their affiliated teaching hospitals in the public sector, which is funded in majority by public funds and the majority operating expenses of which are funded by public funds, or which is directly under the control of the Government and provides healthcare services, medical education and training, and medical research

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THE PUNJAB LOCAL GOVERNMENTS (SCHEDULE OF ESTABLISHMENT) RULES, 2018 — They shall extend to all Local Governments except the District Education Authorities and District Health Authorities in the Punjab. They shall come into force with immediate effect. Amendment in the Schedule of Establishment means and include creation, upgradation, down gradation, abolition or conversion of any post. The Government may issue Schedule of Establishment for Local Governments and such schedule may include posts of Municipal Officers Planning, Finance, Regulation and Infrastructure. A newly constituted Local Government shall within thirty days of assuming the charge of the office shall draft its Schedule of Establishment on Form I, duly endorsed by its House provided that the Government may issue Schedule of Establishment in case a Local Government is failed to propose its Schedule of Establishment under sub rule (2) and such Local Government shall adopt it.

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SYSTEM OF FINANCIAL CONTROL AND BUDGETING (SEPTEMBER – 2006) AS UPDATED UP TO OCTOBER, 2018 — The New System of Financial Control and Budgeting was introduced with effect from 1st July, 2000. It has been decided to review the system with a view to delegating more powers to administrative Ministries/Divisions and bring it in line with the Chart of Accounts (CoA) as laid down by the Auditor General of Pakistan. The procedures and financial limits laid down in this O.M shall take with immediate effect. The Secretary shall be the Principal Accounting Officer of the Ministry / Division, Attached Departments and Subordinate Offices in respect of the expenditure incurred against the budget grant (s) of the Ministry/Division. The term Secretary shall include the Principal Secretary, the Acting Secretary, the Additional Secretary Incharge or the Senior Joint Secretary/Joint Secretary Incharge of a Division.

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THE PUNJAB GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES WELFARE FUND RULES, 1969 — They shall be deemed to have come into force on the 19th day of March, 1969. Every Government servant under the age of sixty years shall be assured the sum specified in the Schedule to the Ordinance in respect of the class to which he belongs. Where a Government servant is transferred to foreign service he / she shall continue to be governed by these rules in the same manner as if he / she was so transferred and his / her contribution to the Welfare Fund during such period shall be remitted by him / her to the Audit Officer in whose jurisdiction he / she was serving immediately before he / she was so transferred. If a Government servant, for any reason whatsoever, quits Government service or is discharged or dismissed from service, or his services are terminated, he / she shall neither be entitled to any benefit from the Welfare Fund, nor to any claim for the refund of the contributions made by him / her towards the said Fund during the period of his / her service.

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