PUNJAB LOCAL FUND AUDIT DEPARTMENT SERVICE RULES, 1981 (WITH AMENDMENTS) — They shall come into force at once. The minimum qualifications, method of recruitment, age limit and other matters related thereto for the posts shall be as given in the Schedule annexed. The following Rules are hereby repealed:- (i) The West Pakistan Local Audit Department (Director & Assistant Director) Recruitment Rules, 1962 (ii) The West Pakistan Local Audit Department (Audit Officers) Recruitment Rules, 1962 (iii) The Punjab Local Fund Audit Department (Auditors) Service Rules, 1979 (iv) The West Pakistan Local Audit Department Ministerial Establishment Recruitment Rules, 1962 Amendments in the Punjab Local Fund Audit Department Service Rules, 1981, for the existing Schedule, the Schedule as appeared hereto shall be substituted notified by the Government of the Punjab Services & General Administration Department vide Notification Dated: 02nd July, 2008

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THE PUNJAB CIVIL SERVANTS (TRANSFERRED FROM FEDERAL GOVERNMENT) SERVICE RULES, 2015 —They shall come into force at once. The Government may, by notification, appoint a person to a post under section 22-C of the Act. The seniority inter-se amongst the persons shall be maintained in the functional unit as it existed at the time of their transfer to the Government. The functional unit of a person shall be called as federal functional unit and shall be a dying cadre. The Government shall, in accordance with the relevant rules, contribute towards the pension, final payment of General Provident Fund and such like payments or benefits of the person as per the prevailing rules of the Government. A person appointed under these rules shall be entitled to get pensionary benefits as admissible to his counterparts in the Government under section 18 of the Act.

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THE PUNJAB INFECTIOUS DISEASES (PREVENTION AND CONTROL) ORDINANCE, 2020 — It extends to whole of the Punjab. It shall come into force at once. Potentially infectious person” means a person who is suspected to be infected or contaminated with an infectious disease; is a risk that such person might spread, infect or contaminate other persons with an infectious disease; or has arrived from or through an area affected by an infectious disease ‘within fourteen days or such other period as may be specified by the Secretary immediately preceding the date of his arrival; The Secretary, may, with the approval of the Chief Minister, by notification in the official Gazette, declare that the -incidence or transmission of an infectious diseases poses a serious and imminent threat to public health in the whole or any part of the Punjab.

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THE PUNJAB PROCUREMENT RULES, 2014 (AMENDED UP TO 22-03-2019) — They shall come into force at once. These rules shall apply to all public procurements made by all procuring agencies whether within or outside the Punjab. A procuring agency, while making any procurement, shall ensure that the procurement is made in a fair and transparent manner, the object of procurement brings value for money to the procuring agency and the procurement process is efficient and economical. A procuring agency shall, within one month from the commencement of a financial year, devise annual planning for all proposed procurements with the object of realistically determining the requirements of the procuring agency, within its available resources, delivery time or completion date and benefits that are likely to accrue to the procuring agency in future.

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WEST PAKISTAN BUILDINGS & ROADS, DEPARTMENT CODE WITH APPENDICES (APPLICABLE TO THE DEPARTMENTS OF BUILDINGS, ROAD, IRRIGATION COMMUNICATION CENTRAL PUBLIC WORKS, POSTS AND TELEGRAPHS IN THE PROVINCES OF PUNJAB, SINDH, N.W.F.P. & BALUCHISTAN UP-TO-DATE AMENDMENTS REVISED EDITION 1994 — The Administration of Buildings and Roads department covers the entire West Pakistan as per map forming the front-is-piece of this Code which shows its various Regions. The immediate control of operation is in the hands of the Governor of West Pakistan and this authority (hereinafter called the West Pakistan government or Governments) exercises full financial control over the affairs of the department. The Chief Engineer is the head of the department in his charge and is responsible for the efficient working of his department. He is also the responsible professional adviser of Government in all matters relating to his charge or on which his advice may be desired. He is also required to bring clearly and faithfully before Government all subjects reserved for its decision for that of the Central Government.

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THE PUNJAB BOARDS OF INTERMEDIATE AND SECONDARY EDUCATION ACT, 1976 — It shall come into force on such date as may be notified by Government in the official Gazette. Board means a Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education constituted or reconstituted under Section 3. Regulations and Rules means respectively the regulations and rules made or deemed to have been made under this Act. Government may establish one or more Boards in respect of such institutions or such areas as it may deem necessary. A Board shall be a body corporate and shall have perpetual succession and a common seal with power to acquire, hold and transfer property and may sue or be sued by its corporate name. A Board shall exercise its powers in respect of such institutions and within such area as may be determined by the Government from time to time.

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THE PUNJAB ALTERNATE DISPUTE RESOLUTION ACT, 2019 — It shall extend to whole of the Punjab. It shall come into force on such date as the Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, appoint and different dates may be so appointed for different areas of the Punjab. Act means the Punjab Alternate Dispute Resolution Act 2019. Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) means a process in which parties’ resort to resolving a dispute, other than through adjudication by courts, and includes, but is not limited to, mediation, conciliation and evaluation. Court means a criminal court or a civil court having original jurisdiction under any law for the time being in force.

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THE UNIVERSITY OF THE PUNJAB ACT, 1973 — It shall come into force at once and shall be deemed to have taken effect on and from the day the University of the Punjab Ordinance, 1972 (Punjab Ordinance No. XVII of 1972), as amended by the University of the Punjab (Amendment) Ordinance, 1973 (Punjab Ordinance No. IX of 1973) ceased to operate in accordance with the provisions of clause (2) (a) of Article 135 of the Interim Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The University shall be a body corporate by the name of the University of the Punjab and shall have perpetual succession and a common seal and may sue and be sued by the said name. The University shall be competent to acquire and hold property both movable and immovable and lease, sell or otherwise transfer any movable and immovable property which vests in or has been acquired by it. The University shall have the powers to provide for instruction in such branches of learning as it may deem fit, and to make provision for research and for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in such manner as it may determine.

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