THE PUNJAB PROCUREMENT RULES – 2014 (AMENDED UPTO 23-11-2017) — They shall come into force at once. A procuring agency, while making any procurement, shall ensure that the procurement is made in a fair and transparent manner, the object of procurement brings value for money to the procuring agency and the procurement process is efficient and economical. Procurement exceeding the limit specified in the regulations shall be subject to an integrity pact between the procuring agency and a contractor.

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PUNJAB IT POLICY – 2018 — Since the introduction of National IT Policy of 2000, a number of domains such as legislation on education, health, environment, taxation, rural development and etc. have devolved to become provincial subjects. Moreover, during these 16 years, there has been a paradigm shift in the IT industry and new ideas such as Big Data, IoT and etc. have taken a lead. There is, therefore, a need to revisit the IT Policy introduced in year 2000 and enable the provinces to take lead in the matter. With this backdrop in mind, Punjab Government is introducing the Punjab IT Policy 2018, which envisions Punjab as one of the top e-Governed, IT-enabled, e-Literate provinces in the region, a preferred destination for global IT businesses and a major supplier of skilled IT human resource.

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PROVINCIAL EMPLOYEES SOCIAL SECURITY ORDINANCE, 1965 — It extends to the whole of the Punjab. It shall come into force at once, but shall apply only to such areas, classes of persons, industries or establishments, from such date or dates, and with regard to the provision of such benefits as Government may, by notification, specify in this behalf. As soon as may be after the commencement of this Ordinance, Government shall establish by notification an institution to be called the Employees’ Social Security Institution. The Institution shall have its own fund, to be called the Employees’ Social Security Fund, and may incur out of the said Fund such expenditure as may be necessary.

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THE ALLOTMENT POLICY OF GOVERNMENT OF THE PUNJAB, S&GAD, 1997, AMENDED UPTO 02-05-2018 — This policy will supersede all previous letters / instructions / policy governing the allotment of Government owned residential accommodation issued from time to time. Only the Government servants posted at the Principal Seat, Lahore High Court, Lahore, Punjab Civil Secretariat i.e. borne on the cadre strength of S&GAD and Provincial Assembly of Punjab, posted at Lahore, are eligible for allotment of Government owned accommodation. A Government servant who is transferred out of Lahore or out of the institutions referred above will lose his eligibility after expiry of the period for which he or his family can retain possession of the residential accommodation. In case of non-availability of Government accommodation for allotment, the employees of Punjab Civil Secretariat, borne at the cadre strength of S&GAD, shall be entitled for the facility of House Requisition as per their entitlement, after obtaining an eligibility certificate issued by the Estate Office, S&GAD through approval of the Additional Secretary (Welfare), S&GAD.

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THE PUNJAB (CIVIL SERVICES) DELEGATION OF POWERS RULES, 1983 — They shall come into force with immediate effect. The authorities competent to transfer, suspend and take other disciplinary action against a Government servant shall have the powers indicated in Appendix B in respect of the Government servants whom they are competent to transfer, suspend or take other disciplinary action. The authorities declared as controlling officers by the administrative department shall have the powers of controlling officers in respect of civil servants for whom they have been declared as such.

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PUNJAB PROTECTION OF VULNERABLE PERSONS RULES, 2015 — They shall come into force at once. Vulnerable Person means a witness, judge, public prosecutor, counsel, accused and any other person concerned with the proceedings under the Act and requiring protection under the programme. There shall be Protection Unit in the Punjab. The Unit, on the basis of information or intelligence supplied by relevant agencies, may include a vulnerable person in the programme and apply to him such elements of the Programme as are considered necessary.

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