The rules framed by the Federal Government and Provincial Governments in English are posted here.

POLICY FOR DECLARING GOVERNMENT SERVANT AS SURPLUS AND THEIR SUBSEQUENT ABSORPTION / ADJUSTMENT — The Finance Department in consultation with Department concerned and with the approval of competent authority would decide with regard to the declaration of a particular organization, set up or individual post as redundant or inessential. There will be a surplus pools cell in the E&AD. After abolition of such posts in the concerned department, duly notified by the Finance Department, equal number of posts in the corresponding basic pay scales would be created in the E&AD for the purpose of drawl of pay and allowances etc. by the employees declared surplus as such. Consequent upon the abolition of a post in a particular cadre of a department, the junior most employee in that cadre would be declared as surplus. Such posts should be abolished in the respective departments and created in the surplus pool as indicated in para 2 above for the purpose of drawl of pay and allowances and also for consideration for subsequent adjustment.

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THE CIVIL SERVANTS (DIRECTORY RETIREMENT FROM SERVICE) RULES, 2020 — These rules shall come into force at once. Competent Authority means the appointing authority in terms of Rule 6 of the Civil Servants (Appointment, Promotion and Transfer) Rules, 1973. Conduct unbecoming means the conduct on the part of a civil servant that is contrary to public interests or which harms his standing or the standing of the civil service in the eyes of the public or is contrary to any prescribed Jaw/ rules/ procedures/ instructions and includes inefficiency on his part necessitating his directory retirement under these rules. Directory retirement means retirement under clause (i) of subsection (1) of section 13 of the Act read with subsection (2) thereof. Retirement Board means a Board constituted under these rules for review of cases for the purpose of directory retirement in respect of civil servants in BPS-20 and above; and Retirement Committee means a committee constituted under these rules for review of cases for the purpose of directory retirement in respect of civil servants in BPS-19 and below.

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THE PUNJAB LOCAL FUND AUDIT DEPARTMENT SERVICE RULES, 1981 (WITH AMENDMENTS) — They shall come into force at once. The minimum qualifications, method of recruitment, age limit and other matters related thereto for the posts shall be as given in the Schedule annexed. The following Rules are hereby repealed:- (i) The West Pakistan Local Audit Department (Director & Assistant Director) Recruitment Rules, 1962 (ii) The West Pakistan Local Audit Department (Audit Officers) Recruitment Rules, 1962 (iii) The Punjab Local Fund Audit Department (Auditors) Service Rules, 1979 (iv) The West Pakistan Local Audit Department Ministerial Establishment Recruitment Rules, 1962 Amendments in the Punjab Local Fund Audit Department Service Rules, 1981, for the existing Schedule, the Schedule as appeared hereto shall be substituted notified by the Government of the Punjab Services & General Administration Department vide Notification Dated: 02nd July, 2008

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THE PUNJAB CIVIL SERVANTS (TRANSFERRED FROM FEDERAL GOVERNMENT) SERVICE RULES, 2015 —They shall come into force at once. The Government may, by notification, appoint a person to a post under section 22-C of the Act. The seniority inter-se amongst the persons shall be maintained in the functional unit as it existed at the time of their transfer to the Government. The functional unit of a person shall be called as federal functional unit and shall be a dying cadre. The Government shall, in accordance with the relevant rules, contribute towards the pension, final payment of General Provident Fund and such like payments or benefits of the person as per the prevailing rules of the Government. A person appointed under these rules shall be entitled to get pensionary benefits as admissible to his counterparts in the Government under section 18 of the Act.

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THE BALOCHISTAN CIVIL SERVANTS’ DEPUTATION POLICY, 2012 — A civil servant is said to be on deputation when he is detached on special temporary duty for the performance of which there is no permanently or temporarily sanctioned appointment. The term “deputation” as defined by the Supreme Court of Pakistan vide PLD 1981 SC 531 means that a government servant begins to be regarded as a “deputationist” when he is appointed or transferred, through the process of selection, to a post in a department or service altogether different from the one to which he permanently belongs, he continues to be placed in this category so long as he holds the new post in an officiating or a temporary, capacity, but ceases to be regarded as such either on confirmation in the new post or on reversion to his substantive post.

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THE BALOCHISTAN DELEGATION OF FINANCIAL POWERS AND RE- APPROPRIATION RULES, 2019 — They shall come into force at once and shall apply to all Administrative Departments, Attached Departments, Bodies, Authorities, Boards and Institutions of the Government of Balochistan established under an Act of the Assembly till such time such Authorities, Bodies etc. frame their own financial rules under the respective laws. Re-appropriation means transfer of savings from particular detailed object to meet additional expenditure anticipated under another detailed object within the same function and grant.

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GENERAL PROVIDENT FUND (GP FUND) RULES OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT UPDATED EDITION 2017 — They shall come into force on the 1st April, 1934. The Fund shall be maintained in Pakistan in rupees. All Government servants in permanent, temporary or officiating service (including probationary service) irrespective of the class to which they belong, whose conditions of service the President is competent to determine, shall be eligible to join the Fund. All eligible Government servants in permanent pensionable and non-pensionable service and those temporary or officiating Government servants who have completed 2 years continuous temporary and /or officiating service shall join the Fund as compulsory subscribers. All other eligible Government servants may elect to join the Fund as optional subscribers.

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THE PUNJAB PROCUREMENT RULES, 2014 (AMENDED UPTO 22-03-2019) — They shall come into force at once. These rules shall apply to all public procurements made by all procuring agencies whether within or outside the Punjab. A procuring agency, while making any procurement, shall ensure that the procurement is made in a fair and transparent manner, the object of procurement brings value for money to the procuring agency and the procurement process is efficient and economical. A procuring agency shall, within one month from the commencement of a financial year, devise annual planning for all proposed procurements with the object of realistically determining the requirements of the procuring agency, within its available resources, delivery time or completion date and benefits that are likely to accrue to the procuring agency in future.

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