THE FEDERAL EMPLOYEES BENEVOLENT FUND AND GROUP INSURANCE ACT, 1969 — It extends to the whole of Pakistan and applies to every employee wherever he may be. It shall come into force on such date as the Federal Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, appoint; and different dates may be appointed in respect of different provisions of this Act for different classes or categories of employees. Employee means any person who is a member of an All-Pakistan service or of a civil service of the Federation, or who holds a civil post in connection with the affairs of the Federation.

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THE PAKISTAN BANAO CERTIFICATES RULES, 2018 — They shall apply to the Pakistan Banao Certificates. They shall come into force at once. The Government of Pakistan shall through the State Bank of Pakistan issue the Pakistan Banao Certificates, hereinafter called the Certificates. The Certificates shall be issued for three and five years from the date of issue. The eligible investors shall purchase certificates against the remittance, through official banking channel, from investors own account maintained abroad. The premature encashment of certificates in Pak Rupee shall be allowed anytime.

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THE RULES OF BUSINESS, 1973 (AS AMENDED UPTO 23rd APRIL, 2019) CABINET SECRETARIAT (CABINET DIVISION) ISLAMABAD — Business means all work done by the Federal Government. The business of government shall be distributed among the Divisions in the manner indicated in Schedule II. Each Division shall consist of a Secretary to Government and of such other officials subordinate to him as the Government may determine. The Secretary shall be the official head of the Division and shall be responsible for its efficient administration and discipline and for the proper conduct of business assigned to the Division under rule 3 (3) and for the due execution of the sanctioned policy.

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REVISED ACCOUNTING PROCEDURE FOR REVOLVING FUND ACCOUNTS (FOREIGN AID ASSIGNMENT ACCOUNT) — For a foreign donor-assisted project, a Revolving Fund Account (RFA) in respect of donor financing under loan / credit / grant shall be established at a branch of the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), separately from the account to be established for the government’s share of project financing (counterpart funds) if any required. Such Accounts shall be in the nature of Assignment Accounts. The NBP shall be the designated bank for handling all transactions of Revolving Fund Accounts.

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