THE CIVIL SERVICE REGULATIONS (C.S.R.) – APPLICABLE TO THE FEDERAL CIVIL SERVANTS IN PAKISTAN (UPDATED EDITION 2018) — The Civil Service Regulations (CSR) contain Government instructions for regulating the service conditions (Pay, leave, pension, other allowances, etc.) of the Government employees in the civil departments. In the updated Edition 2018, while retaining the general principles of the rules, all the amendments/additions in CSR-1951 on the basis of Government orders (from 1952 to-date) have been incorporated.

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THE GOVERNMENT SERVANTS (CONDUCT) RULES, 1964 (FEDERAL GOVERNMENT) — They shall come into force at once. These rules apply to every person, whether on duty or on leave, within or without Pakistan, serving in a civil capacity in connection with the affairs of the Centre and to the members of an all-Pakistan service during their employment under the Provincial Governments or while on deputation with any other Government, agency, institution or authority. Member of a Government servant’s family includes his wife, child or step-child, whether residing with the Government servant or not; and any other relative of the Government servant or his wife, when residing with and wholly dependent upon the Government servant but does not include a wife legally separated from the Government servant or a child or step-child who is no longer in any way dependent upon him or of whose custody the Government servant has been deprived by Law.

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COMPILATION OF THE FUNDAMENTAL RULES AND SUPPLEMENTARY RULES (GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN, FINANCE DIVISION) VOLUME I & II. APPENDICES AND FORMS UPDATED EDITION 2018 — The Fundamental Rules and Supplementary Rules (FR&SR) define and determine the financial terms and conditions of Government employees like pay, allowances, leave and travelling allowances etc. Updated Edition 2018 incorporates all the amendments authorized in the Rules upto may, 2018.

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THE RIGHT OF ACCESS TO INFORMATION ACT, 2017 (FEDERAL GOVERNMENT) — It shall apply to all public bodies of the Federal Government. It shall come into force at once. Information Commission means the Pakistan Commission on Access to Information established in accordance with Section 18. Information means information based on record. National Security means the matters pertaining to the integrity, security or defence of Pakistan or any part thereof. Record means a public record as defined in Section 6. Right of access to information means the right of access to information accessible under this Act which is held by or under the control of any public body and includes the right of access to information, documents or record in digital or printed form, as the case may be.

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GENERAL PROVIDENT FUND (GP FUND) RULES OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT UPDATED EDITION 2017 — They shall come into force on the 1st April, 1934. The Fund shall be maintained in Pakistan in rupees. All Government servants in permanent, temporary or officiating service (including probationary service) irrespective of the class to which they belong, whose conditions of service the President is competent to determine, shall be eligible to join the Fund. All eligible Government servants in permanent pensionable and non-pensionable service and those temporary or officiating Government servants who have completed 2 years continuous temporary and /or officiating service shall join the Fund as compulsory subscribers. All other eligible Government servants may elect to join the Fund as optional subscribers.

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THE CIVIL SERVANTS (SENIORITY) RULES, 1993 — They shall come into force at once. Persons initially appointed on the recommendations of the selection authority through an earlier open advertisement shall rank senior to those appointed through a subsequent open advertisement. If two or more persons are recommended in open advertisement by the selection authority their inter se seniority shall be determined in order of merit assigned by the selection authority. Seniority in a service, cadre or post to which a civil servant is promoted shall take effect from the date of regular promotion to that service, cadre or post. Seniority in a service, cadre or post to which a civil servant is appointed by transfer shall take effect from the date of regular appointment to the service, cadre or post.

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COMPILATION OF ORDERS RELATING TO VARIOUS SCHEMES OF PAY SCALES, ALLOWANCES AND FRINGE BENEFITS FROM 1972 TO 2017 AND COMPILATION OF GENERAL ORDERS RELATING TO ALLOWANCES (FEDERAL GOVERNMENT) — Basically, this book is only a compilation of orders on the subject of Pay Scales issued by the Government of Pakistan from time to time. In order to facilitate the Federal Government offices and the employees in getting information regarding the revisions, made by the Federal Government, in the Pay, Allowances and fringe benefits, from time to time, Finance Division had earlier compiled the orders of the Federal Government relating to Pay Scales, Allowances etc. in 1984. Necessity for compilation of such an updated book on Revision of Pay Scales, Allowances and fringe benefits was being felt for quite some time. Finance Division, therefore, initiated an exercise in this regard and has now compiled updated document up to 2017.

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THE REVISED LEAVE RULES, 1980 (GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN, MINISTRY OF FINANCE) — They shall apply to all civil servants other than those who were employed before the first day of July, 1978, and opted not to be governed by the Revision of Leave Rules issued under the Finance Division’s Office Memorandum No. F.1(2)-Rev.I/78, dated the 21st September, 1978. They shall come into force at once. All service rendered by a Civil servant qualifies him to earn leave in accordance with these rules but shall not be earned during the period of leave. Any period spent by a civil servant in Foreign Service qualifies him to earn leave provided that contribution towards leave salary is paid to the Government on account of such period. There shall be no maximum limit on the accumulation of such leave.

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