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MEDICAL CERTIFICATE OF FITNESS ON FIRST ENTRY INTO GOVERNMENT SERVICE (PUNJAB GOVERNMENT) — Authorities competent to make first appointments may require the submission of a medical certificate of fitness from temporary or officiating Government servants. In any case they must satisfy themselves that the candidate is protected against smallpox. Medical certificates should ordinarily be required from candidates on first appointment to Government service if they are likely to officiate or to hold temporary posts for any period exceeding six months. Re-employed persons who during their previous term of service under the Government had produced the required medical certificates need not be required to produce a fresh certificate unless the period between their discharge from their old posts and their appointment to the new posts is in excess of three months.

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PROCESS OF BUDGET FORMULATION — The budget represents a comprehensive plan of Government activities expressed in financial terms. On the expenditure side, it shows the Government’s intention to spend money needed to maintain the civil administration and to implement the various economic and social programmes during the forthcoming Fiscal Year. On the receipt side, it sets forth the estimated amounts of money to be collected from Taxation, Borrowings and other sources. Budget is thus the forecast of Government income and expenditure for the ensuing Fiscal Year, which enables the Government to translate its policies in financial terms by providing available resources to the best possible advantage in accordance with the priorities determined in the public interest. Budget, is, therefore, not merely a statement of accounts.

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PENSION GUIDEBOOK — This booklet is the product of the questions that have been put to me over the years regarding pension and related matters. Score of employees belonging to different departments / organizations where service is pensionable as well as living in the territorial surroundings of my residence come to me and ask almost similar questions about pension / commutation / encashment in lieu of Leave Preparatory To Retirement (LPR) along with additional benefits admissible to an employee on retirement under the rules.  In order to surmount these difficulties of the employees, I felt the need to prepare a comprehensive guide book containing the   gist of pension rules incorporating the amendments issued by the Punjab Government from time to time,   as well as additional benefits admissible to an employee on retirement or the widow / family of a deceased employee / pensioner in case of death during service or after retirement whatever the case may be. Keeping in view that majority of the employees are not aware about the calculation of pension / commutation / encashment I, therefore, for the convenience of such employees, decided to include the formulas for these calculations at the end of this guidebook. This would definitely be helpful for the employees of every cadre and help them considerably to understand the rules and methods used to calculate various benefits.

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HONORARIA — A Competent Authority may grant or permit a Government Servant to receive an honorarium from general revenues as remuneration for work performed which is occasional in character and either so laborious or of such special merit as to justify a special reward. Except when special reasons, which should be recorded in writing, exist for a departure from this provision, sanction to the grant of or permission to receive an honorarium should not be given unless the work has been undertaken with the prior consent of the competent authority and its amount has been settled in advance.

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