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TRAVELING ALLOWANCE FOR JOURNEYS ON TRANSFER (PUNJAB GOVERNMENT) — Traveling Allowance may not be drawn by a civil servant on transfer from one station to another unless he is transferred for the public convenience and is entitled to pay during the period occupied by the journey. A transfer at his own request should not be treated, as a transfer for the public convenience unless the authority sanctioning the transfer, for special reasons which should be recorded, otherwise directs.

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CASUAL LEAVE RULES (PUNJAB GOVERNMENT) — A Government Servant on casual leave or on quarantine leave is not treated as absent from duty and his pay and allowances are not intermitted, as such leave is not recognized regular leave. Casual leave should not ordinarily exceed 10 days at a time and 25 days during any one calendar year. The sanctioning authority may, however, grant casual leave up to 15 days at a time in special circumstances. No government servant may leave his headquarters during casual leave or holidays except with the permission of the Sanctioning Authority.

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RATES OF FAMILY PENSION, MINIMUM FAMILY PENSION AND MINIMUM PENSION (PUNJAB GOVERNMENT) — According to Rule 4.4(1) of the Punjab Civil Services Pension Rules, no full pension (inclusive of increases in and indexation of pension sanctioned from time to time) shall be less than Rs.300/- per month and the family pension granted under clauses (a) and (b) of Sub-Rule (3) of Rule 4.6 of the Punjab Civil Services Pension Rules, shall not be less than Rs.150/- per month which was increased by the government of the Punjab from time to time.

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MEDICAL CERTIFICATE OF FITNESS ON FIRST ENTRY INTO GOVERNMENT SERVICE (PUNJAB GOVERNMENT) — Authorities competent to make first appointments may require the submission of a medical certificate of fitness from temporary or officiating Government servants. In any case they must satisfy themselves that the candidate is protected against smallpox. Medical certificates should ordinarily be required from candidates on first appointment to Government service if they are likely to officiate or to hold temporary posts for any period exceeding six months. Re-employed persons who during their previous term of service under the Government had produced the required medical certificates need not be required to produce a fresh certificate unless the period between their discharge from their old posts and their appointment to the new posts is in excess of three months.

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