AUSTERITY / ECONOMY MEASURES FOR THE FINANCIAL YEAR 2019-2020 (PUNJAB GOVERNMENT) – The Provincial Government has decided to observe utmost austerity in usage of public money through prudent Financial Management, observance of Financial Discipline, judicious reduction of the expenditures without compromising the essential and core organizational functions / activities. Expenditures shall be required to be realigned with the organizational goals to make then target-based and cost-efficient. Wastage of resource and leakage of funds needs to be curbed strictly. The economy measures shall be applied across the board for all Government Departments, Local Governments, Authorities, Public Sector Companies, Autonomous Bodies, Attached Departments and Special Institutions with immediate effect.

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SCHEDULE OF WAGE RATES – 2019 — Finance Department has prepared Schedule of Wage Rates – 2019 prescribing wages of the work charged establishment employed on seasonal and short term basis in the Irrigation, Energy, Communication and Works Development Department and Local Governments as well as all other development works related entities of the Government of the Punjab. Wage rates given in the Schedule are revised keeping in view the changes / revisions in the Basic Pay Scales and a Allowances of civil employees of the Punjab Government & to keep it in accordance with minimum wage rates fixed by Labour & Human Resource Department. Appointment of Work Charged Employees shall be made in accordance with procedure laid down in the Preface of Schedule of Wage Rates – 2019.

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