It contains all the notifications issued by the Government from time to time.

SCHEDULE OF ESTABLISHMENT OF PUNJAB LOCAL FUND AUDIT DEPARTMENT — Establishment of 148 Nos. of Resident Audit & Accounts Schemes of Local Fund Audit Department, Punjab for LGs established under PLGA, 2019. These Resident Audit & Accounts Schemes will be headed by the officers of Local Fund Audit Department in the manner prescribed as per Schedule of Establishment. Establishment of Resident Audit Schemes for Fort Munro Development Authority (FMDA), D.G. khan, Gujranwala Development Authority (GDA+WASA), Gujranwala and Sargodha Development Authority (SDA), Sargodha and for Schedule of Establishment of Local Fund Audit Department (Provincial / Divisional Directorates / LGs / Development Authorities / WASA / PLGB, TEPA) by re-allocating existing permanent cadre strength without abolishing and / or creating any post. Sanction is further accorded to withdraw functions of M&I from Divisional Directorates and placing M&I wing with Provincial Directorate, LFA, Punjab.

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NOTIONAL INCREMENT (PUNJAB GOVERNMENT) — A civil servant retiring on or between 01st June and 30th November in a year, shall for the purpose of calculation of pension only, be notionally allowed annual increment in the relevant Pay Scale, on the date of his retirement subject to the condition that he has completed six months continuous service at a stage in the relevant Pay Scale during that year. This condition shall also apply to civil servant expiring during the said period.

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GRANT OF COMPUTER ALLOWANCE TO COMPUTER PERSONNEL (PUNJAB GOVERNMENT) — Sanction of computer allowance to the prescribed categories of computer personnel who are actually employed on whole time basis on computer work in the Government Departments and other Government Organizations irrespective of the fact whether main frame computer is available or not in their organization, provided they possess the minimum educational qualification as given in the letter dated: 22nd September, 1986.

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AUSTERITY / ECONOMY MEASURES FOR THE FINANCIAL YEAR 2022-23 (PUNJAB GOVERNMENT) — The Provincial Government has decided to observe utmost austerity in usage of public money through prudent financial management, observance of financial discipline, judicious reduction of the expenditures without compromising the essential and core organizational functions / activities. Expenditures shall be required to be realigned with the organizational goals to make then target-based and cost-efficient.

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SCHEDULE OF WAGE RATES – 2023 (PUNJAB GOVERNMENT) — Finance Department has prepared Schedule of Wage Rates – 2023 with effect from 01st July, 2023 prescribing wages of the work charged establishment employed on seasonal and short term basis in the Irrigation, Energy, Communication and Works, Housing Urban Development & Public Health Engineering, Local Government & Community Development Departments and Local Governments as well as all other development works related entities of the Government of the Punjab. Wage Rates given in Schedule are revised keeping in view the changes / revisions in the Basic Pay Scales and Allowances of civil employees of the Punjab Government. The wage rates have been prepared by taking into account the total emoluments, inclusive of allowances admissible to similar employees already converted into regular establishment and hence no extra payment is admissible on these rates.

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