Download COMPILATION OF ORDERS RELATING TO VARIOUS SCHEMES OF PAY SCALES, ALLOWANCES AND FRINGE BENEFITS FROM 1972 TO 2017 AND COMPILATION OF GENERAL ORDERS RELATING TO ALLOWANCES (FEDERAL GOVERNMENT) — Basically, this book is only a compilation of orders on the subject of Pay Scales issued by the Government of Pakistan from time to time. In order to facilitate the Federal Government offices and the employees in getting information regarding the revisions, made by the Federal Government, in the Pay, Allowances and fringe benefits, from time to time, Finance Division had earlier compiled the orders of the Federal Government relating to Pay Scales, Allowances etc. in 1984. Necessity for compilation of such an updated book on Revision of Pay Scales, Allowances and fringe benefits was being felt for quite some time. Finance Division, therefore, initiated an exercise in this regard and has now compiled updated document up to 2017.