THE BALOCHISTAN CIVIL SERVANTS’ PROMOTION POLICY, 2012 — Promotion not only implies advancement to a higher post but also involves shouldering of higher responsibility and assumption of the charge of the higher post. No civil servant has a claim to ask for promotion as of right, and the giving or refusal of promotion is a matter which is within the exclusive discretionary domain of the executive authorities concerned in the matter.

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THE BALOCHISTAN CIVIL SERVANTS’ DEPUTATION POLICY, 2012 — A civil servant is said to be on deputation when he is detached on special temporary duty for the performance of which there is no permanently or temporarily sanctioned appointment. The term “deputation” as defined by the Supreme Court of Pakistan vide PLD 1981 SC 531 means that a government servant begins to be regarded as a “deputationist” when he is appointed or transferred, through the process of selection, to a post in a department or service altogether different from the one to which he permanently belongs, he continues to be placed in this category so long as he holds the new post in an officiating or a temporary, capacity, but ceases to be regarded as such either on confirmation in the new post or on reversion to his substantive post.

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THE BALOCHISTAN DELEGATION OF FINANCIAL POWERS AND RE- APPROPRIATION RULES, 2019 — They shall come into force at once and shall apply to all Administrative Departments, Attached Departments, Bodies, Authorities, Boards and Institutions of the Government of Balochistan established under an Act of the Assembly till such time such Authorities, Bodies etc. frame their own financial rules under the respective laws. Re-appropriation means transfer of savings from particular detailed object to meet additional expenditure anticipated under another detailed object within the same function and grant.

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BALOCHISTAN GOVERNMENT CIVIL POSTS RECRUITMENT POLICY, 1991 — The Government has decided that the quota reserved for Merit, Quetta City and Six Divisions of Balochistan i.e. Kalat, Zhob, Nasirabad, Mekran, Quetta and Sibi in respect of initial recruitment vacancies shall be allocated on the basic of population by rotation. Recruitment for the specialized jobs in technical and professional  institutions viz Judicial Officers under the High Court of Balochistan, Bolan Medical College Quetta, Engineering College Khuzdar and Agriculture College Quetta shall be made according to the zonal allocation provided that in case candidates fulfilling the prescribed academic qualifications and experience are not available from a particular Zone, recruitment to such posts shall be made on open Merit.

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THE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION GUIDE OF BALOCHISTAN 2009 (A REVISED UP DATE EDITION OF THE HANDBOOK INSTRUCTIONS ABOUT CONFIDENTIAL REPORTS 1986) — Performance Evaluation may be termed as a system of making judgements about performance of officials of various levels by their superiors in order to guide selections and other personnel decisions. Evaluation Reports rendered by reporting officers, on the performance of officials serving under them constitute the most important basis of Evaluation. 

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THE BALOCHISTAN EMPLOYEES’ EFFICIENCY AND DISCIPLINE ACT, 2011 — It shall apply to the employees in Government service. Absence from duty means unauthorized absence from duty without prior permission or sanction of leave by the competent authority under the Rules for the time being in force and applicable to the employee concerned. Charge means allegations framed against the accused pertaining to any act of omission and commission, under this Act. Inquiry Documents means the Order of Inquiry, Statement of Allegations, Show Cause Notice, Personal Hearing Notice, Inquiry Report or any other Letter, Order, Notification which forms part of the inquiry proceedings under this Act.

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THE MANUAL OF BALOCHISTAN SECRETARIAT INSTRUCTIONS, 2013 — They shall come into force at once and shall supersede all previous instructions and orders relating to office procedures not consistent with the provisions of these Instructions. If there be any inconsistency between these instructions, on the one hand, and the rules of business or other statutory provisions on the other, the latter shall prevail.

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THE BALOCHISTAN GOVERNMENT INITIAL APPOINTMENT TO CIVIL SERVICE POSTS (AGE AND RELAXATION OF UPPER AGE LIMIT) RULES, 2012 — They shall apply to the Civil Service Posts, Civil Servants who are member of civil service of the Government and Employees of the Autonomous / Semi-Autonomous Bodies or who are serving in civil capacity on regular basis, contract basis and on adhoc basis in connection with the affairs of the Provincial Government. Initial Recruitment means appointment made by initial appointment or through proper channel from another Service / Department / Post.

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THE BALOCHISTAN CIVIL SERVANTS (SENIORITY) RULES, 2008 — They shall apply to all civil servants of Government of Balochistan.  Seniority means the seniority assigned to a civil servant in a seniority list caused by the Appointing Authority to be prepared in accordance to the provisions of Section 8 of the Balochistan Civil Servants Act, 1974 and these rules. The Appointing Authority or the Head of the Department/ Attached Department, as the case may be, after preparation of the Provisional Seniority List as provided hereinabove sub-rule (2) shall with his signatures and designation, issued the same in the forms mentioned in Schedule-I and circulate it amongst all the members of that particular service, cadre or post and call for objections of the aggrieved members and afforded thirty (30) days for filing objections, (if any) from the date of issuance of the Provisional Seniority List. The Seniority List once finalized and notified as provided in sub-rule (4) cannot be re-opened by the same issuing authority.

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THE BALOCHISTAN CIVIL SERVANTS (APPOINTMENT, PROMOTION AND TRANSFER) RULES, 2009 — Appointing Authority in relation to a post, means the person authorised under rule 4 to make appointment to that post. Departmental Promotion Committee means a Committee constituted for making selection for promotion to such posts under a Department or office of Government in basic pay scales 16 and below or equivalent. Departmental Selection Committee means a Committee constituted for the purpose of making selection for initial appointment to post under a Department or office of Government in basic pay scales 15 and below or equivalent. The method of appointment and the qualification and other conditions applicable to a post shall be as laid down by the Department concerned in consultation with the Services and General Administration Department [on the recommendations of the Service Rules Sub Committee or on the recommendations of the Service Rules Main Committee whenever the case referred by the Service Rules Sub Committee]. For the purpose of selection for appointment by promotion or transfer to post in BPS-17 and above or equivalent and such posts as may be notified by Government, the Government may constitute one or more than one Provincial Selection Board consisting of not less than five members, one of whom shall be nominated as Chairman and one as Member / Secretary to the Board.

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