Download A MANUAL ON TRAVELLING ALLOWANCE RULES (FEDERAL GOVERNMENT) — Travelling Allowance is a kind of compensatory allowance granted to meet personal expenditure necessitated by the special circumstances in which duty is performed. Actual Travelling Expenses means the actual cost of transporting a Government servant with his domestic servants and personal luggage, including charges for ferry and other tools and for carriage of camp equipment, if necessary. It does not include charges for hotels, travellers bungalows or refreshments, tips and expenses on breakage of crockery and furniture, etc. In the case of officers who are allowed to draw the whole or a part of their pension in addition to pay, the T.A. admissible will be determined with reference to pay plus pension subject to the condition that only such portion of the pension will be taken into account for this purpose as, together with the pay, does not exceed the maximum pay of the post.