Download TRANSFER POLICY (PUNJAB GOVERNMENT) — The posting and transfers is an important personnel function. It is complementary to officer’s career-planning / management. It is only through a balance and correct adjustment of officers, according to experience and qualifications that a corps of competent and qualified civil servants is provided to the society. The policy of postings should be designed so as to ensure stability in the appointments to encourage professionalism by recognizing and promoting merit, while providing an all-round experience to the individual officers. In order to avoid stagnation in performance and ideas and to provide dynamic administration, repeated appointments to the same type of job need to be avoided unless in some special cases, specialization is desired. The transfer policy is to be guided foremost by the service of public interest and the individual‘s interest is to be integrated therewith as far as possible for ensuring greater harmony and efficiency. As a rule every civil servant shall be liable to serve anywhere within or outside the province in any post under the Government of Punjab or the Federal Government or any other provincial Government or a local authority or a corporation or a body set up or established by any such Government.