Download RECRUITMENT POLICY – 2004 (PUNJAB GOVERNMENT) — One of the major objectives of the Government is to provide maximum job opportunities to the unemployed youth. However, in the Government Sector, posts have to be filled essentially in accordance with requirement, to achieve the objectives of good governance and efficient service delivery. The successful completion of recruitment under Phase-1 confirms the Government’s Commitment to improving the standards of service delivery in all Government sectors by providing best available human resources through merit-based recruitments. The Government now intends to launch Phase-11 of recruitment. The Recruitment Policy has been reviewed keeping in view the changed scenario especially the shift of emphasis on contract appointments and the issues/problems confronted during Phase-2. The Government has generally shifted from regular mode of appointment to contract mode in view of the changing management practices and to achieve the goals of good governance in the public sector departments /organizations. The Departments are therefore, advised to adhere to the following guidelines while making appointments on contract basis.