Download THE PUNJAB TRAVELING ALLOWANCE (TA) RULES — They shall come into force at once. The Traveling Allowance Rules in force in the Punjab immediately before the coming into force of these rules shall stand rescinded. Traveling allowance is granted to a civil servant to cover the expenses which he incurs in traveling in the interest of public service. A civil servant’s claim to traveling allowance shall be regulated by the rules in force at the time the journey in respect of which the claim is made, is undertaken. No bill for traveling allowance other than permanent traveling allowance or conveyance allowance shall be paid, unless it is signed or countersigned by the controlling officer. Controlling Officer means an officer declared as such for exercising supervision over the traveling allowance claims of a civil servant. Before signing or countersigning a traveling allowance bill, the controlling officer shall scrutinize the necessity, frequency and duration of journey and halts for which traveling allowance is claimed, and disallow the whole or any part of the traveling allowance claimed for any journey or halt if he considers that a journey or halt was unnecessary or unduly protracted, or that a halt was of excessive duration.