Download ELIGIBILITY FOR PENSION / FAMILY PENSION (PUNJAB GOVERNMENT) — Good conduct is an implied condition of every kind of pension. Except when the term pension is used in contradistinction to gratuity, pension includes gratuity. Full pension means the amount of ordinary pension admissible including commuted portion of the pension, if any. No pension may be granted to a Government servant dismissed or removed for misconduct, corruption, subversive activities or inefficiency, but, if he deserves special consideration he may be granted a compassionate allowance not exceeding 2/3rd of the pension which would have been admissible to him, had he retired on invalid pension. FAMILY PENSION – In the event of death of a Government servant who has rendered qualifying service for 10 years or more, his / her family shall be paid gratuity equal to the commuted value of one-fourth of his full pension on the basis of age next birth day of the deceased and in addition, pension at the rate of 75% of the full pension.