Download THE PUNJAB LOCAL GOVERNMENTS (AUCTIONING OF COLLECTION RIGHTS) RULES, 2016 — They shall come into force at once. Subject to sub-rule (2), a Local government may award contract, assign right to collect income on its behalf, to the contractor for the next or current financial year. A Local Government shall not award contract for granting right to collect income from water rate, building fee, tax on transfer of immovable property, conversion of land use fee, sanitation fee, licence fee and lighting rate; or  the income from the demand raised against a specific person and the arrears of which are carried forward. The local government shall award the contract through the public auction; and issue a public notice, in at least two national daily newspaper one in Urdu and one in English, through the office of the Director General, Public Relations, Punjab minimum seven days prior to date of auction; or past a copy of the public notice at conspicuous place of the area and at notice board in the office of the local government; or announcement of auction by beat of drum and other local means.