Download THE PUNJAB LOCAL GOVERNMENT ADVERTISEMENTS BYE-LAWS , 2017 — Advertisement includes advertisements displayed, placed on the roads, green belts or verges or private or Government premises, shops, houses, hospitals, educational institutions, petrol pumps, fences, vehicles, balloons streamers, posters, banners or any other thing placed, painted, pasted or installed and visible from a public place and is intended to inform the viewer of the availability of a service, product or outlet. Advertising substance includes trivisions, neon signs, hoardings, billboards, cutouts, pole signs, sky signs, directional boards, banners, streamers, moppy signs, LED screens, temporary advertisement structures, posters, one way vision stickers, temporary publicity stalls, hot-air balloon, blimp and moving vehicle. Banners means publicity material comprising cloth, flex or parachute installed temporarily with ropes for purposes of advertisement in a horizontal direction. Billboard / hoarding means a publicity board made of MS sheet on iron poles or girders fixed independently on a structure other than a building façade.