Download REVISED STANDARD CONTRACT AGREEMENT (PUNJAB GOVERNMENT) — The officer opening the tender shall reject the tender which does not bear the stamp and signature of the issuing official and which is not submitted by the same contractor to whom the tender form was issued. These directions are provided to assist the tenderer in preparing and submitting his tender. The tender shall contain all information and data required to be furnished and shall be prepared and submitted in accordance with the instructions set forth herein. All necessary documents, such as copies of specifications (excluding standard specification books etc), contract documents, including bill of quantities, estimated rates and any other documents required in connection with the preparation of tender or execution of works, signed by the Engineer-in-charge will accompany the tender form and the cost of such annexed documents will be reflected in the cost of the tender form. The tenderer will not be reimbursed for any costs of any kind, whatsoever, incurred in connection with the preparation and submission of his tender.