Download WEST PAKISTAN EMPLOYMENT (RECORD OF SERVICE) RULES, 1960 They shall extend to the whole of the Province of West Pakistan except the Tribal Areas. They shall come into force at once. A Service Book shall be 6″ * 4″ in size and shall contain fifty printed pages of durable paper with covering page made of card board and rexin. The pages other than the covering page of the Service Book shall be divided into five parts for recording the particulars detailed in section 5 of the Act. The employer shall, at his own cost, provide the employee with a service book immediately after the commencement of his employment if he has none previously, and thereafter, whenever required, and shall also pay the cost of the photograph to be attached to it. In case of loss of the service book by the employee, the employee shall supply another service book at his own cost and shall also pay the cost of photograph to be attached to it.