Download THE WEST PAKISTAN CIVIL SERVICES PENSION RULES (KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA) — Pension-Except when the term “Pension” is used in contradistinction to gratuity, pension includes gratuity. Good conduct is an implied condition of every kind of pension. Government may withhold or withdraw a pension or any part of it if the pensioner be convicted of serious crime or be found to have been guilty of grave misconduct either during or after the completion of his service, provided that before any order to this effect is issued, the procedure regarding imposition of the penalty of removal from service shall be followed. Except with the previous sanction of the Provincial Government, no pensioner shall, within a period of two years from the date of his retirement take part in any election or engaged in political activity of any kind. No pension shall be admissible to a civil servant who is dismissed or removed from service for reasons of discipline, but Government may sanction compassionate allowance to such a civil servant, not exceeding two third of the pension or gratuity which would have been admissible to him had he been invalidated from service on the date of such dismissal or removal.