Download THE SINDH PUBLIC PROCUREMENT RULES, 2010 — Public Procurement means acquisition of goods, services or construction of any works financed wholly or partly out of the public fund, including projects of Public Private Partnership, unless excluded otherwise by Government. Services mean any object of procurement other than goods or works, and include consultancy services. While procuring goods, works or services, procuring agencies shall ensure that procurements are conducted in a fair and transparent manner and the object of procurement brings value for money to the agency and the procurement process is efficient and economical. The procuring agency shall, immediately upon award of contract, make the evaluation report of the bid, and the contract agreement public through hoisting on the Authority’s website as well as on procuring agency’s website, if the procuring agency has such a website. All procuring agencies shall devise a mechanism for planning in detail for all proposed procurements, determining the requirement of the procuring agency, within its available resources, and prepare an annual or a longer term rolling plan, detailing the procurement methods applicable for specific procurements.