Download THE PUNJAB PAKISTAN WAQF PROPERTIES (ACCOUNTS) RULES, 1982 — They shall come into force at once. All receipts shall be credited to the account of the fund maintained in the Bank. For each deposit, the Manager shall prepare a bank challan in quadruplicate. One copy of the challan shall be retained by the Bank while the second copy of challan shall be submitted by the Manager at the end of each month to the Administrator who will compare the challan with statement received at the end of the month. The third copy shall be submitted to the Chief Administrator along with the monthly statement of accounts. The Administrator shall maintain separate account for each waqf property on the basis of the information received from the Manager in Form No.11. No payment shall be made from the Fund except under the orders of Chief Administrator or by any officer to when powers in this behalf have delegated by the Chief Administrator. No payment shall be made directly out of the cash received for credit to the said Fund.