Download THE PUNJAB WAQF PROPERTIES ORDINANCE, 1979 — It extends to the Province of the Punjab. It shall come into force from the date as may be notified by the Government in the official Gazette. Waqf Property means property of any kind permanently dedicated by a person professing Islam for any purpose recognised by Islam as religious, pious or charitable, but does not includes property of any such waqf as is described in section 3 of the Mussalman Waqf Validating Act, 1913 (VI of 1913), under which any benefit is for the time being claimable for himself by the person by whom the waqf was created or by any member of his family or descendants. Government shall appoint a Chief Administrator of Auqaf for the Province of the Punjab and may by order, vest in him, the waqf properties situated in the Province including all rights, assets, debts, liabilities and obligations relating thereto. Every person in charge, of or exercising control over the management of any waqf property and every person creating a waqf after the commencement of this Ordinance shall get such waqf property registered in such manner within such time and with such authority as may be prescribed.