Download THE PUNJAB VILLAGE PANCHAYATS AND NEIGHBOURHOOD COUNCILS ACT, 2019 — It extends to the whole of the Punjab other than the areas notified as cantonments under the Cantonments Act, 1924 (Act II of 1924), or the Cantonments Ordinance, 2002 (CXXXVII of 2002), in relation to the matters covered there under.  It shall come into force at once. As soon as may be, but not later than six months of the commencement of this Act, the Government shall, by a notification in the official gazette, establish areas, excluding the areas notified as cantonments, which shall constitute villages and neighbourhoods for the purpose of this Act. Every village and neighbourhood shall have a common assembly for the purposes of this Act. A common assembly shall comprise of every resident of the respective village or, as the case may be, the respective neighbourhood.