Download THE WEST PAKISTAN URBAN IMMOVABLE PROPERTY TAX RULES, 1958 (GOVERNMENT OF THE PUNJAB) — They shall extend to the whole of the Province of West Pakistan Urban Immovable Property Tax Rules, 1958 is in force. They shall come into force at once. An assessing authority for a rating area shall have power to affix or cause to be affixed to any property in the rating area any mark for purposes of identification and to enter into or upon any premises for this purpose between sunrise and sunset if and to the extent, absolutely necessary. An assessing authority may by an order in writing authorize generally, or any particular case, any person subordinate to an working under its authority to exercise the powers under sub-rule (2) of rule 3, or to prepare and sign receipts, notices, challans and other documents or registers required to be drawn up, maintained or issued under the Act or these rules. A final valuation list shall be prepared in Form P.T.1 and authenticated by the assessing authority before the first day of July or the 1st day of January as the case may be, and the assessing authority shall certify that the list has been duty amended so far as it was necessary to do so in the light of the orders passed on all such objections as may have been filed and finally disposed of.