Download THE PUNJAB SALES TAX ON SERVICES (DEFINITIONS) RULES, 2012 — They shall come into force at once. The relevancy of any definition given in these rules shall be invoked only when a service covered therein is taxable under the Act or when any question about the taxability of any such service is under consideration for purposes of the Act and the rules. None of these definitions shall be treated as exhaustive and wherever any question of taxability of any service or a question of tax liability or any other related obligation arises, the general definition of service or services given in the Act shall prevail. Advertisement includes any notice, circular, wrapper, document, hoarding, billboards or any other audio or visual representation made either by means of paint, colouration, sound, light, smoke or gas or otherwise. Assets mean properties of all kinds, tangible or intangible, including shares, units, certificates, securities, deposits, right and bonus shares, cash, bank balances, profits, dividends, fees, commissions, all receivables, claims, derivatives contract, licences, privileges, accrued or accruing or contingent.