Download THE PUNJAB GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES WELFARE FUND RULES, 1969 AND THE PUNJAB GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES WELFARE FUND ORDINANCE, 1969 —   They shall be deemed to have come into force on the 19th day of March, 1969. Every Government servant under the age of sixty years shall be assured the sum specified in the Schedule to the Ordinance in respect of the class to which he belongs. Where a Government servant is transferred to foreign service he / she shall continue to be governed by these rules in the same manner as if he / she was so transferred and his / her contribution to the Welfare Fund during such period shall be remitted by him / her to the Audit Officer in whose jurisdiction he / she was serving immediately before he / she was so transferred. If a Government servant, for any reason whatsoever, quits Government service or is discharged or dismissed from service, or his services are terminated, he / she shall neither be entitled to any benefit from the Welfare Fund, nor to any claim for the refund of the contributions made by him / her towards the said Fund during the period of his / her service.