Download THE PUNJAB GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES WELFARE FUND ORDINANCE, 1969 — It shall apply to all Government servants as hereinafter defined provided that Government may, by notification exempt any class of Government servants from the operation of this ordinance. It shall come into force on such date as Government may by notification, appoint in this behalf. The Welfare Fund shall be divided into two parts; Part–I for gazetted Government servants and Part–II for non–gazetted Government servants and each such part shall be maintained and administered separately in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance. The contribution from gazetted Government servants received under section 6 shall be credited into Part–I of the Welfare Fund and the contributions received from non–gazetted Government servants shall be credited into Part–II of the Fund. The Welfare Fund shall be utilized for meeting the expenses on arrangements to be made with an insurance company or other insurer for the insurance of Government servants. Any sums remaining in the Welfare Fund after defraying the expenses referred to in sub–section (6) may be utilized for such benefits to Government servants and their families as may be prescribed.