Download THE PUNJAB GENERAL PROVIDENT INVESTMENT FUND ACT, 2009 — It extends to the whole of the Province. It shall come into force at once. The Government shall, by notification, create a Reserve General Provident Fund in the Public Account of the Province. The Government shall, by notification, establish the Punjab General Provident Investment Fund.  The Fund shall be a body corporate with perpetual succession, common seal, power to enter into contract and may sue or be sued by the said name. The Fund shall perform such functions and exercise such powers with regard to the Reserve Fund as vested in it under this Act or the rules. The Management Committee of the Punjab Pension Fund established under the Punjab Pension Fund Act 2007 (I of 2007) shall perform functions and exercise powers as the Management Committee of the Fund. In the performance of functions or exercise of powers under this Act, the Management Committee shall be known as the General Provident Investment Fund Management Committee. The management and administration of the Fund shall vest in the Management Committee.