Download THE PUNJAB CONTRIBUTORY PROVIDENT FUND (CP FUND) RULES, 1978 — These shall come into force at once. Emoluments means pay, leave salary, or subsistence grant, as defined in the Civil Services Rules (Punjab), Volume-I and includes any wage so paid by Government to employees not remunerated by fixed monthly pay. These rules apply to every non-pensionable Government servant under the control of the Punjab Government who had been admitted, before these rules came into force, to the benefits of a special or contributory provident fund maintained by Government or may be, or may have been, admitted by the competent authority to the Fund after these rules came into force. Every servant of Government to whom these rules apply shall be a subscriber to the Fund. The amount standing at the credit of an employee of a local body in the Provident Fund established and maintained by the local body concerned shall on the provincialisation of his service be transferred to his credit in the Punjab Contributory Provident Fund, in the event of his being admitted to the benefits of the Fund. The balances so carried forward shall carry interest as for new subscribers.