Download THE PUNJAB CIVIL SERVANTS (RESTRICTION MARRIAGES WITH FOREIGN NATIONALS) RULES, 2011 — They shall come into force at once. They shall apply to the civil servants as defined in the Punjab Civil Servants Act 1974 and to such other persons as are regulated by the rules framed under the Act. Marriage means matrimonial relationship entered into in accordance with any law for the time being in force or in accordance with any religious rites or ceremonies, and its grammatical and cognate expressions shall be construed accordingly. A Government servant may, with the prior permission of the Government, marry or promise to marry a foreign national of any country recognized by the Federal Government for the purpose. The grant of permission under sub-rule (1) shall be at the sole discretion of the Government and shall be subject to such conditions, if any the Government may specific. The discretion under sub- rule (2) shall be exercised if the circumstances or public interest so warrant and after recording reasons in writing.