Download THE PMS (PROBATIONERS) TRAINING, FINAL PASSING OUT EXAMINATION AND SENIORITY RULES, 2012 — They shall come into force at once. They shall apply to PMS (BS-17) officers appointed pursuant to the recommendations of the Commission made on or after the commencement of these rules. Probationer means a person appointed to a post through the combined competitive examination of the Commission. A probationer shall undergo training in a training institution at such place and for such period as the Government may specify. A probationer shall qualify every examination to the satisfaction of the head of the training institution. A probationer shall be required to qualify the evaluation of the training institution. The seniority of the probationers shall be determined by the Government after the examination. For purposes of determining the inter se seniority of the PMS probationers the marks obtained in the combined competitive examination, evaluation marks obtained in the training institution and the marks obtained in the examination.