Download THE PARKS AND HORTICULTURE AUTHORITY ACT, 2012 — It extends to the district of Lahore but the Government may, by notification, extend it to any other area of the Punjab. It shall come into force at once. Advertisement means commercially displayed or installed signage, board, screen, streamer, poster, banner or any other thing placed, painted, pasted or installed on public or private property that is visible from a public place and is intended to inform the reader of the availability of a service, product or promotes a business. The Government may, by notification, either establish a separate Authority for an area to which the Act is extended to be called the Parks and Horticulture Authority of that area or may direct the Authority mentioned in subsection (1) to perform the functions under the Act in respect of such other area. The Government may, by notification, declare an area as Heritage Park to conserve the heritage or culture and to preserve, conserve and develop the flora and fauna for the present and future generations.