Download THE LAHORE CANAL HERITAGE PARK ACT, 2013 — It shall extend to the Lahore Canal and other specified areas. It shall come into force at once. Heritage Park means the Lahore Canal and any other specified area. Lahore Canal means the canal running through the city of Lahore from Jallo to Thokar Niaz Beg and includes the canal banks and green belts on both sides of the canal. The Government shall, by notification in the official Gazette, declare an area as the specified area. The Authority shall arrange proper maintenance of the Heritage Park and may provide such entertainment and recreational facilities as are commensurate with the Heritage Park. The expense on the maintenance and development of the green belts of the Heritage Park shall be met from the funds of the Authority and shall be a valid charge on the Fund. The Government may, at any time, but after consultation with the Advisory Committee and the Authority, remove any member, including the Vice Chairperson, on charges of misconduct, disinterest, exploitation or misuse of powers, or any other act which is detrimental to the objectives of the Act.