Download THE BALOCHISTAN PUBLIC PROCUREMENT RULES, 2014 — They shall come into force at once. Procurement Proceeding means all procedures written or oral relating to public procurement, starting from solicitation of bids up to award of contract. Services mean any object of procurement other than goods or works, and include consultancy services. Value for Money means best returns for each rupee spent in terms of quality, timeliness, reliability, after sales service, up-grade ability, price, source, and the combination of whole-life cost and quality to meet the Procuring Agency’s requirements. While procuring goods, works or services, Procuring Agencies shall ensure that procurements are conducted in a fair and transparent manner and the object of procurement brings value for money to the agency and the procurement process is efficient and economical. The Procuring Agency shall, with approval of its Head of the Department, constitute as many procuring committees, as it deems fit, each comprising of odd number of persons and headed by an officer not below the rank of BPS-18, or if not available, the officer of the highest grade, and shall ensure that at least one third of the members of a Procurement Committee are from the agencies or departments other than the Procuring Agency.