Download THE BALOCHISTAN CIVIL SERVANTS (CONFIRMATION) RULES, 2012 — They shall apply to the civil servant who is a member of civil service of Government or who is serving in a civil capacity on regular basis in connection with the affairs of the Provincial Government, but shall not apply to any  person who is employed on contract basis or on adhoc basis. Confirmation Authority means the authority Competent to confirm a Civil Servant under these rules. Foreign Service means service in which a civil servant receives his pay with the sanction of Government from a source other than the Provincial Consolidated Fund. Probationer means a civil servant employed on probation in or against a substantive vacancy in the cadre of a Department, however, it does not cover a civil servant who holds substantively a permanent post in a cadre and is merely appointed on probation to another post. On successful completion of probationary period, in respect of any service or post or grade, which includes the passing of a prescribed examination, test or course or successful completion of any training, a person appointed on probation to such service or post who, before the expiry of the original or extended period of his probation, the appointing authority shall, by specific order terminate the probation.