Download THE BALOCHISTAN CIVIL SERVANTS (APPEAL) RULES, 2013 — They shall apply to every person who is a member of the civil service of the Province or is the holder of a civil post in connection with the affairs of the Province. If any doubt arises whether these rules or any of them apply to any person, the matter shall be referred to the Government, who shall decide the same. Civil Servant means a person in the service of Government of Balochistan to whom these rules apply. Order means an Order passed against a Civil Servant by the Competent Authority duly communicated to the Civil Servant which alters to his disadvantage of his conditions of services. The appeal or Review or Representation shall be presented to the authority to whom it lies, a copy being forwarded by the appellant to the authority which made the order appealed against. It shall contain all material statements and arguments on which the appellant relies and shall not contain any disrespectful or improper language and shall be complete in itself.