Download SYSTEM OF FINANCIAL CONTROL AND BUDGETING (SEPTEMBER – 2006) AS UPDATED UP TO OCTOBER, 2018 AND GENERAL FINANCIAL RULES OF THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT — The New System of Financial Control and Budgeting was introduced with effect from 1st July, 2000. It has been decided to review the system with a view to delegating more powers to administrative Ministries / Divisions and bring it in line with the Chart of Accounts (CoA) as laid down by the Auditor General of Pakistan. The procedures and financial limits laid down in this O.M shall take with immediate effect. The Secretary shall be the Principal Accounting Officer of the Ministry / Division, Attached Departments and Subordinate Offices in respect of the expenditure incurred against the budget grant (s) of the Ministry / Division. The term Secretary shall include the Principal Secretary, the Acting Secretary, the Additional Secretary Incharge or the Senior Joint Secretary/Joint Secretary Incharge of a Division.