Download REVISED STANDARD CONTRACT AGREEMENT (PUNJAB GOVERNMENT) – GENERAL DIRECTIONS FOR THE GUIDANCE OF THE TENDERERS — All necessary documents, such as copies of specifications (excluding standard specification books etc), contract documents, including bill of quantities, estimated rates and any other documents required in connection with the preparation of tender or execution of works, signed by the Engineer-in-charge will accompany the tender form and the cost of such annexed documents will be reflected in the cost of the tender form. The tenderer shall work out the amount against each item of work in the bid schedule and will indicate the total amount of his tender on which he is willing to complete the works. The total amount worked out in the bid schedule shall be entered by the tenderer in his tender as his tender price for the work in case of discrepancy between amounts in figures and in words the amount in words shall prevail. In the event of the tender being accepted, a receipt for the earnest money forwarded therewith, shall there upon be given to the contractor. The earnest money of the successful tenderer on execution of the contract covering work will be adjusted towards the amount of security deposit to be retained from the first amounts(s) payable to the contractor under the contract.