Download PUNJAB TREASURY ACCOUNTS SERVICE (DEPARTMENTAL EXAMINATION) REGULATIONS, 1978 — They shall come into force at once. The probationers shall appear in the examination in subject specified in schedule I, in accordance with the syllabus given in schedule II. An examination shall be held twice a year on such date as may be notified in the official gazette which date shall not be less than at least 2 months before the actual date of examination. No probationer who has failed thrice in any subject shall be allowed to appear in subsequent examination except with the permission, in writing from competent authority. However, if a candidate has failed in the examination but has secured 60 % of the marks in any paper he shall not re-appear in that paper in the subsequent examination. A probationer who qualifies in all other subjects except that of precis and draft and has obtained at least 55% of the marks on the aggregate in other subjects, may be allowed to re-appear in that paper alone.