Download PROBATION PERIOD (PUNJAB GOVERNMENT) — An initial appointment to a service or post, not being an adhoc appointment, shall be on such probation and for such period of probation as may be prescribed. A person appointed to a post in a grade against a substantive vacancy shall remain on probation for a period of two years, if appointed by initial recruitment, and for a period of one year, if appointed otherwise; provided that the appointing authority may extend the period of probation by a further period not exceeding two years in all. Officiating service and service spent on deputation to a corresponding or a higher post may be allowed to count towards the period of probation. A civil servant who, during the period of his service, was eligible for confirmation in any service or against any post, retires from service before confirmation shall not, merely by reason of such retirement, be refused confirmation in such service or against such post or any benefits accruing therefrom.