Download PENSION PRIVATIZATION IN PAKISTAN (GOVERNMENT OF SINDH) — The main objective of this article, therefore, is to examine Sindh Government’s pension system as a test case. The study will examine the Sindh Pension Fund (SPF) created by the Provincial Government in order to off load its rising pension dues. This analysis will discuss fund’s capacity to meet the pension liabilities and usher some strategy in the pension reforms, which will, on one hand, alleviate Province’s worries of internal debt owing to these liabilities, and, on the other hand, provide pensioners with some innovative and profitable rate of return on their pensions through Private Sector Investment Modalities. Sindh Government established Sindh Pension Fund (SPF) in the year 2002. The proposed pension system is flexible in terms of contribution, asset allocation choice and above all portability. Upon retirement, the pensioners would be able to use his / her pension assets to buy annuities from life insurance companies and thereby obtain a monthly pension.