Download [NAME OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT] (PARKING) BYE – LAWS, 2018 — These bye-laws shall extend to the local area of [Name of Local Government]. These bye–laws shall come into force from the date these are published in the official Gazette. Parking Place / Area means an area notified by the Local Government for parking. Parking Equipment means all such equipment which are necessary to regulate parking system including parking infrastructure. Parking Fee means the fee, including fixed or hourly as notified by the [Name of Local Government] for its own parking places / areas and private parking spaces / areas in the plazas, shopping mall and commercial centers. Vehicle means and includes motor cycle, Rickshaw, motor car / jeep and light transport vehicle which is used for carrying goods or used for transportation of passengers within the local area. No person shall establish any parking stand/area and charge parking fee, on any property or on any open space and public park or land vested in or managed, maintained or controlled by a local government on or under a street, road, graveyard or a drain without the sanction of the Local Government.