Download MEDIUM TERM BUDGETARY FRAMEWORK 2016-2019 GUIDELINES & BUDGET CALL CIRCULAR FOR FY 2016-2019 (GOVERNMENT OF THE PUNJAB, FINANCE DEPARTMENT) — The introduction of Medium Term Budgetary Framework is not only imperative in removing the existing inadequacies of planning and budgetary systems but is also absolutely vital for improving the overall performance related problems of the government. Accordingly, Provincial Government has introduced Medium Term Budgeting Framework (MTBF) to ensure an effective linkage of policy, planning and resource allocation. Although designing and implementation of medium term perspective to budgeting is only a part of a wider reform agenda for improving public sector resource management, yet the concept of MTBF is underpinned by certain core values such as inculcating financial discipline in government’s spending, aiming allocative efficiency with the ultimate objective of improving budgetary outcomes.