Download THE [NAME OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT] REGULATION MARKETS (TYRE VENDORS) BYE-LAWS, 2017 — These Bye-laws shall extend to the whole of the local area of the Local Government; and These Bye-laws shall come into force with immediate effect. Local Government means the Metropolitan Corporation, a Municipal Corporation, a District Council or a Municipal Committee established under the Act. No person shall carry out a trade at any place in the local area of the Local Government unless a licence has been obtained in this behalf from the Local Government. Trade means a business of storing, sale, purchase, repair and disposing of tyres in any manner whatsoever. If a person intends to carry on a trade anywhere in the local area of the Local Government, he shall apply to the District/Municipal Officer (Municipal Regulation) in writing for grant of a licence in this behalf. The fee for licences shall be levied by the Local Government under Section 115 of the Act and determined in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Punjab Local Governments (Taxation) Rues, 2016.