Download REPORT ON PROCESS OF PLANNING AND FORMULATION OF ANNUAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME AT THE PROVINCIAL AND LOCAL LEVELS IN THE PUNJAB (LOCAL GOVERNMENT & COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT)This document explains the process of development planning and formulation of the Annual Development Programmes (ADP) prevalent/observed at the provincial level by the departments of the Punjab Government, and at local level by the local governments under the Punjab Local Government Act, 2013 and other relevant rules. The formulation of the Annual Development Plan and its approval by the Provincial Assembly is an important exercise carried out by the Planning & Development Board, Government of Punjab, with the help of Finance and other provincial departments and agencies. This exercise is based on the guidelines provided by the federal government as well as provincial government, in accordance with the national and provincial priorities and resource availability. As a result of the ADP formulation exercise, the size and the direction of the public sector programme in the province is determined. The task of formulation of ADP is therefore considered crucial as it has a significant impact on the socioeconomic standing and future direction of the Punjab province.