Download INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY [2014-2018] — The Integrated Development Strategy (IDS) truly integrates government priorities under one framework. The earlier development strategies and assessments of government, such as the Comprehensive Development Strategy (CDS), the Economic Growth Strategy (EGS) and the Post-Conflict Needs Assessment (PCNA) have all been consolidated in the IDS. Any conflicts in these strategies have been addressed and the priorities of current government have been duly incorporated in the IDS. The IDS consolidates the common themes identified in earlier assessments to remove overlaps and contradictions and to reflect the rebalancing of the priorities by the current government. There is a clear shift in emphasis toward social services, justice and security, accountability, and the participation of communities. Growth is included as a gear through which to provide livelihoods and jobs for the poor. Social services are neither subservient to nor incorporated as a secondary channel to propel growth, but are instead prioritised as basic rights of citizens. Such departures and shifts are duly reflected in the framework of strategic objectives. Consolidation of common policies and priorities is done in a manner that means the IDS will replace previous strategies and serve as a single source for government to provide guidance to all stakeholders.