Download THE PUNJAB HEPATITIS ORDINANCE 2017 — It extends to whole of the Punjab. It shall come into force at once. Healthcare facility means a hospital, diagnostic center, medical clinic, nursing home, maternity home, dental clinic, homeopathy clinic, tibb clinic, acupuncture clinic, physiotherapy clinic or any other premises or conveyance, wholly or partly, used for providing healthcare services. Surgical procedure means a procedure involving incision of any part of human body with any instrument for medical purposes and includes a dental procedure, ear or nose piercing or circumcision. Surveillance System means the system of surveillance established under the Ordinance. The information about a patient as a result of hepatitis test at a healthcare facility shall immediately be sent to the Director General by that healthcare facility in the prescribed manner. The healthcare facility shall not itself subject the patient mentioned in subsection (1) to another hepatitis test but shall refer him to another healthcare facility for the second test after counseling him about the preventive measures.