Download DATA PROCESSING PROTOCOLS – 2018 — GOVERNMENT OF THE PUNJAB PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT (GOVERNANCE & IT WING) —- The purpose of these Protocols is to support Organizations in designing and implementing systems and procedures which ensure that Personal and Confidential Data is processed securely, in line with best practice and in a manner which respects individuals’ right to privacy. These Protocols constitute the minimum standards Organizations should implement to protect the Personal and Confidential Data they process. Organizations should develop more detailed and tailored protocols for their own processes – and are free to set higher standards of protection. Periodic independent third party audits of IT and data security measures are recommended for all Organizations. These Protocols should be read by senior management and brought to the attention of all employees that process any Personal Data. It is envisaged that this will include the majority of employees. Organizations should require employees to confirm in writing that they have read and understood the Protocols and agree to comply with them.